Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

May 4, 2004


cocktails at dusicadusica last night, the hottest new shoe store to hit manhattan since sigerson. turns out business is so good, they are currently in talks to move to an even bigger location on prince, further west. tho i can't tell you yet where, sweeties until the deal is done.

dusica took me in the back and showed me whats hot for fall. waterproof cashmere (she is the only designer to have smartly snapped it up from the italian factory where it is made) and it shows itself on pumps, kitten heels and fabulous knee high boots with molded rubber heel. when i asked dusica about her inspirations, she said, "it's not that esoteric. i think about what i need in my closet. what i want to carry what i want on my feet and then i make it. " smart strategy methinks. obviously working for her since she is rolling in business. i also got to preview the new totes. ruched leather with a chiffon piece that can be woven into the handle, string across the shoulder or taken off. genius. "women need to feel sexy, powerful and feminine," dusica said, " and that's what i aim to do."

& if i can trust you dear reader with another exclusive tidbit, i'd tell you that next fall dusica will be designing a line just for us new york girls! stylish, comfortable running-around shoes in addition to her already comfort-soled heels and boots. a feminine dusica-ized puma. stay tuned for more details.