Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

May 12, 2004


among other things to try and COOL DOWN from the 100 plus degree temperatures inside joes pub last night. a very dedicated and very sweaty crowd of about 90 lloyd cole fans (and fan supporters) each lost an average of ten pounds in water during an amazing acoustic show in which lloyd swigged red bull in a good natured attempt to deal with the sweat dripping off his arms. WHy you may ask would a dark, closed, music venue have no air on an 86 degree day in manhattan? WHY you may ask didn't they try to make it fun and give out free mango drinks or lemonade? WHY you may ask didn't they head down the street to KMART to get even ONE FAN? this will remain one of the great mysteries of life. fortunately the music was stellar and saw us thru. doesn't it always? (see jane jacob profile in this week's new yorker on cities&song)