Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

May 3, 2004


of the sweet, gentle, cute, refined little sheltie that decided to chosse russell and i as his parents. now before you all gasp kidlets, know that russell will be the primary owner and sweet griffin will live with him most of the time. holidays and when griffin misses me (or i miss griffin), griffin will take a vacation to the west village.

oh my goodness. it was quite miracluous how he chose us i tell you. just looking out at us with his intelligent little face and long nose. russell immediately named him and i cried. then russell and i took him around all day yesterday and people just stopped us on the street every two seconds because he is SO CUTE. we got a dog-bag, chew toys and lots of organic food. russell says he won't take him to the doggy ice cream social, but that i can.