Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

May 15, 2004


this is what i learned yesterday after a large pear sorbet and go-around in the west village with the fabulous holly waterfield. we hit irma and intermix and discussed the merits of bleecker, hudson, and why if we could, woudl never leave our small corner of the west village for a second, unless we were going on holiday. she also opened my eyes to the wonder of hudson street--only a block away! but ANY hoo, after chilling with some white wine in holly's nanucket apartment, pam turned us on to the idea of prefab. all you do is buy a piece of land, throw down a septic tank, then go online and order a house! click click. and these builder men show up to build it! and it is very chic and cheap! how about that? maybe the seinfelds would let me buy a tiny corner of their hampton estate and plop right down on it! whaddya think? ikea living on the beach!

ps. holly is making me a skirt! eeek! i'm so excited!