Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

February 24, 2005


well here I am at RED CARPET '05 at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. I am the only blogger here!! eeek! can you believe. Miss Meghan loves to be exclusive. Currently blogging at the Movielink digital lounge.

The nice people at the Crown Royal barber shop let me put my bags in the back of their fabulous bar, but I think it is too too early for a drink, non? Meanwhile I hear Defamer is coming by--very exciting. Girl or boy? you wonder and so do I.

I just got my makeup done at Stila by a very sweet woman named Andrea who gave me Viola eyes to match my Geminola skirt that I love so much. Thank you Tracy Cox, stylists extraordinaire, who turned me on to that place. I am also wearing my Lanvin jacket and my little black Calvin stilettos. I do love stilettos and LA is the best place to wear them since no one walks!! Parfait!

I saw a celebrity that I dont know posing on a tempurpedic bed. that was exciting. people were taking a LOT of pictures.

I just found out about two SECRET things here at the design center from Joy at Movielink. NO I cant tell them to you. but they have to do with eating and lounging.

well, more soon little kidlets!