Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

May 9, 2005


Well, well my pretties. Oh miss Meghan let you down not posting these last few days. I have to say, my last day in LA was spent doing such a fun dash-about I promptly fell asleep all of Thursday and Friday! Well not all, but you know what I mean. So Wednesday morning I met the lovely ladies at E!, then I decided to hike it on over to Meghan kinney's shop on west 3rd. keeping mind I was wearing 3 ½ inch gold wedge sandals so hiking took on a new meaning. It was then I discovered the DASH! A cute bus that runs to and fro and all over west Hollywood for 25 cents. It was like a ride at the fair and trust me the amount of freaks on the bus was like a free freak show!!

The DASH dropped me off and I hightailed it into meg's story where Lindsey was quite sweet and chatted with me while I traded my towering wedges in for flip flops. Then I headed to joan's on third where I had one of the best meals ever. Hello roast beef thinly sliced and perfectly cooked , and giant buttermilk cake. Mmm.

Then I hiked up and down third, hit trina turk which was very cute and went over to the pot store on Melrose to buy a CERAMIC pot for jess and j's outdoor garden. No not pot. A POT. Then I hiked with my pots back over to Robertson where I chatted with the lovely people at diavolina. OMG. That store is OUT of control. It is like everything you could ever possibly need or want in one fell swoop. ISSA dresses, and the SHOES!!!!!! Oh. I almost wept. They are arranged by color in the front of the store floor to ceiling shelves. Teal, electric yellow, red. Just everything.

Then I headed back up into the canyon, hit swingers for a tasty turkey samich and hit the redeye. And it was red let me tell you. Nothing like a packed 767!