Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

May 25, 2005


while miss meghan briefly cruised around site59.com (couldnt believe they were still up and running thru the internet boom and bust so had to check them out 2day!) looking at getaways to miami beach and roma, she is actually going to hang tight in the city this holiday weekend, which is in itself a delicious prospect. in manhattan those who stay here for the holidays are like campers, temporarily gone from nyc as we know it, and instead part of the relaxed hometown, village-y feel the city adopts during the times when it empties itself on it's empty head.

no waiting at your favorite restaurant, no special time to get up, all the parks are greened. it almost makes me want to take up running again. i can hear the resounding sound of my yoga teacher saying NO as i write that. ok so maybe yoga on the astroturf of the second pier on the west side river park? oui?