Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

May 18, 2005


Miss m had to take a few days to recover from her fabulous party on Saturday. And loyal fans have been clamouring, so I am rousing from my respite and here to give you the 411 on the soiree!

First, I wore a gorgeous dress from temperley, of supple pink washed silk with a white embroidered overlay with lots of cutwork, gold and white sequins and little white embroidered dots. If that weren't succulent enough, then the chausseres! Oh! Christian louboutin champagne silk stiletto sandals with tiny crystals in an art deco butterfly design on the toe. Everytime I looked down, I shrieked.

More than 300 people stopped by to say hi, grab a lychee martini, buy a book and get it signed, buy shoes and just enjoy the general atmosphere of the 5th floor shoe salon, and the hot DJ who played the absolute perfect music the entire day. Carol from Bergdorf books (betcha didn't know they had a book dept didja? Its actually quite wonderful with lots of first editions and elsa schiaperilli originals) took excellent care of me and set me up at a gorgeous clear lacquered and mirrored desk and chair. Dad sent in a bouquet of tulips, roses and poppys, which perched on the corner of the desk, and I signed every book with my plum sharpie.

Melania trump cruised by early on, and regena thomashauer came with her sweet daughter Maggie and stayed quite awhile. and friends from near and far stopped by to give their regards. Also I met Thomas, who was just named the #1 shoe salesperson in America by reader's digest (grandma take note!). mary kaye and Christine and Michele made sure everything was perfect as usual and made sure I always had another goody bag to pass out. Oh yes goody bags. The tiniest size of bergdorf bag with two footpetals, naked pink nail lacquer from estee lauder and a delicious pumice stone tied up with a white ribbon. Very cute and frankly more than I got at the Miramax party in LA!

For four hours I chatted and signed away while everyone mixed it up and bought too many shoes! The hot styles I suggested were the chie mihara of course and a few bought multiple marc Jacobs printed 5 inch wedges as well!

After all the excitement we hit the mandarin oriental for drinkies and shumai, then headed home to rest up. For the past few days, with an exception to head to cordila's for a little cocktail moment and a whitney Houston mashup, I have been taking it easy, nursing the little cold I somehow caught, and getting excited for what's next.