Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 5, 2005


that i was at regena's this eve and every single one of those goddesses had on an amazing pair of shoes! from sparkly platform sandals to chic pink paisely mules to blue clunky heel strappy slides, i was just in awe at the variety of decorative shoe. even on ladies who were otherwise dressed quite plainly. oh and i bet you are just dying to know what our homework is aren't you? oh i may tell a little one day but for now i'll just tease you with a little droplet. let's just say is has to do with juicing things up a notch.

oh and i should add that a desire floated around last night was doing something fun while in nothing but your prettiest shoes. as a shoe expert i can only say that this is not an uncommon desire among women. perhaps my next book idea? hm.