Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 20, 2005


"If I were to meet the President at the White House (regardless of how I felt about the party affiliation), I would dress in something like a navy Ralph Lauren pant suit, creamy silk blouse and a beautiful pair of chocolate croc, almost stilettos. It's the President for goodness sake! Have some respect for the office, even if he's not your man, or woman one day!"

--Dana, Atlanta, GA

"For an occasion like that I'd break down and get a pair of Allen Edmonds. When in Rome, etc. Of course, if we're talking being flown in in the middle of the night, I'd find my Sergio Rossis -- there is no sharper shoe. "

--Jordan, New York, NY

"I would wear a pointy toe skimmer or pump with a skirt or slacks and a proper blouse and seasonal covering (jacket or sweater)."

--Sharon, Montclair, NJ

"I know what I would wear: bare feet to show my lack for respect for the marauding band that rules this land."

--John, Seattle, WA

"My black loafers!"

--Jennifer, Brooklyn
*Please note this dear reader is a through and through loafer girl!

"My John Varvatos. I don't really have anything else, other than my blue and white anniversary Adidas."

--Sascha, New York, NY

"I would wear a pair of hip-waders -- the kind fly fisherman wear. That would make it easier to wade through all the bullshit at the white house."

--Monica, Marblehead, MA