Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 26, 2005


miss meghan has been in michigan. painting kitchens yellow, visiting grandma late at night and hearing the latest dirty joke, or another grandma who told miss meghan a delightful love story while she did yoga poolside (me not grandma doing yoga), or yet another grandma for her world famous chop suey. dining al fresco in michigan dewy summer eves, going to a photo shoot for strut magazine at the fabulous sole sisters in royal oak, and celebrating the mother of miss meghan's birthday. miss meghan has been soo busy she hasn't even had time to go to the village shoe inn! what is wrong with that picture?

meanwhile the flip flop flap goes on and on and on! what say you dear readers? (grandpa, i got your answer last night and you are right i don't think i can print it on my blog) dear readers let us just say that grandpa thinks that wearing flip flops to the white house is akin to making yourself look like a foolish person. ahem.