Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 5, 2005


kicked it off with a meal at diablo royale. pork and pineapple taco is excellent as well as the margaritas on the rocks. patrone, salt on the rim of course! saturday brought a much needed day of rest and relaxation with lora. first we hit the acupuncturist to work out some kinks in the back, then on to the new uber-spa, cornelia, on fifth avenue. when i tell you new york has not seen anything like cornelia yet, i am not lying. it was truly an amazing experience. massage under a skylight, spa lunch on the rooftop, steam room, a relaxation library, detox tea, rainforest shower, the nicest people ever. needless to say we stayed all afternoon! a quick go around on fifth avenue (takishimya and bottega veneta) then whole foods for weekend snacks. later, i holed up in my pink flower cotton wrap and went to bed early. sunday i headed out for a mini-go around in my hood. hit james perse which is the most amazing store for lovely relaxing clothes that are both elegant and slouchy. baby clothes for adults, i'd say. they just opened shop on bleecker 10 days ago and already the place was agog with women trying on things and wearing them out of store. it was like a little party of shrieks and discoveries in the dressing room! i got an amazing dress and pair of culottes i'd been coveting all summer. next stop verve, where shoes are now 2 for 1 ladies!!! got another pair of chie's (how could i resist--plum slingbacks with a 3 inch wooden heel) and a pair of cream linen and leather calliste ballet flats.

bleecker street is exploding into a major retail destination more and more each day. but do we really need three ralph lauren stores on one block? yes it's true i saw construction beginning for another RL store.

lora came down upon my insistence to check out the james perse store where we ran into one of lora's clients and proceeded to have more shrieking moments in the dressing room. then it was on to brush for mani/pedi and home for a night with my ideas.

the fourth i woke up to the most beautiful day ever, heidi came over for breakfast, took a walk on the river, came home and hung out with my ideas, made a lovely dinner and stayed up writing.

did i mention like 100 hundred times before that new york is just brilliant on the holiday weekends. so empty and lovely. like the city is all ours.

miss meg