Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

February 27, 2006


oh my darlings. constantly miss meghan gets the query, where to find the cute shoes for the larger size foot? this is a very important question, and i get it just as often as: where to find the boot for the larger size calf? and where to get the sexy tights for the larger size leg!

now that the manolo has come to the rescue on the larger size calf, by introducing us to the fabulous lumiani boot, i will address the other two.

ps. did u know, paris hilton has a size 11 foot? and she always rocks a serious stiletto!

so, where to find the cute shoes for the larger foot?

there are many the online outlet for the larger foot where you can sort by size and style: zappos goes up to size 18, where at that point there are mostly athletic shoes, but up to size 15 you can find a cute kitten heel or two.

bluefly is another lovely place to sort by size. and of course they carry brands like the alaia who we love. i spotted a pair of christian louboutins in both 11 and 12. (see picture at left). upwards of 12.5 the variety gets scarce, but i did see a cute pair of black bowling shoes size 15.

barefoot tess, with a physical store in baltimore, was created solely for women who had size 11 feet and has since grown to include everyone on the sizing scale from 5 to 14. while the majority of shoes stop at the 12 and 12.5 range, tess works hard to include fab brands like eileen shields, delman and chie mihara, and work with shoe companies and designers to create exclusives.

designershoes lets you sort by size and width in their chart, and has a healthy selection into size 15 of cute shoes, kitten heels and sandals.

which is both a physical and online store in california, stocks a healthy number of stilettos into the size 13 which i think is great. stilettos seem to be really missing from this portion of the marketplace -- as if women who are in size 13 shoes do not want to have their stiletto moment!

cinderella shoes, is based in ireland, but you can shop in your local currency and they have a very healthy selection of shoes into size 14. even some red stiletto boots! meow!

now, where to get the sexy tights for the larger size leg!

this brilliant site, called welovecolors, which came to us from beautypluspower, supplied all the tights for the current production of thoroughly modern millie, stocks every size, type and color from children's to plus size. so if you have a larger leg and are desiring a pair of red fishnets to layer over your black tights (*a favorite miss meghan technique to spruce up blah black tights in the dead of winter!), or simply just must have tights and fishnets in every shade of the rainbow, this site is for you.