Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

February 10, 2006


the problem with not having enough time (or patience) for fully trying on everything in the store, and rather instead, buying what looks cute in the moment then trying everything on at home, is that of course, you end up having to return. and miss meg has been nipping out to fill a few gaps in her wardrobe, and has ended up with many a return on her hands. the gold braided belt from zara seemes like a good impulse item, yet upon putting it with the dress of choice, was revealed to be wayy too overpowering for the dress. the gold lace undies grabbed in haste at H&M were the wrong size. the silk pj's at jcrew, the wrong proportion. so miss meg went out into the cold new york night to return and to again buy. and to of course, look at shoes!

first stop, COACH on prince street, where everyone seemed to be on amphetamines or somesuch. seriously everyone just a little too excited and eager. however, they have some very cute shoes for spring including a driving loafer/ballet flat combnation with an unobtrusive rubber sole. tres cute. also, what i really like about coach shoes is that the production value is extremely high for the price point. they are a real steal in terms of quality.

next stop club monaco where among the black and creams, i saw a few tidbits in bright kelly green. cute but not grabbing me.
next stop anya hindemarch, where EVERYTHING in the store is on 50-75% off. that plum bag you were craving int he fall? get it now. the emerald green delicate python kitten ballerina flats--do not pass go, just get there. of course all her whimsical totes are on sale too which i love. she is of course also famous for her BE A BAG concept--where she takes whatever photo you'd like to make into a bag andcreates a lovely high end bag with it on it. pics of your baby, dogs etc. perhaps a pic of griffin on a bag? you tell me how cute it'd be.

i slowed wayy down when i got to maria cornejo. the last little bits of winter are on sale and the smaples for spring are there but no knitwear stock yet (coming march 3rd for fans). i got a pair of black wool gabardine pants, cut on the BIAS. um, brilliant. they look HOT and are soo flattering to my well endowed posterior! maria is truly a woman who takes such great care in teh cut of everything she creates, that each piece looks deceiving simple, until you try it on and find out it smmoothes, flatters and in general up syour cool quotient about 200%. also nabbed a gorgeous grey metallic quilted bubble shrug/jacket that i am wearing right now!

*make note: the limited edition fab shoes she designed with keds, already have a waiting list. get yourself on it quick in order not to miss these fierce ballet flat/meet keds rubber soled urban girl's perfect spring shoe.

next stop, zara, where I tried on a pair of shoes there for the first time. lavendar suede ballet flats. not the best construction but for a quick shot of style, they would do. they have a very cute bruched mettallic bronze d'orsay pump with cross straps on the front which were cute as well.

then to urban where my returning completed. i am craaazy for the damsel knit tops and the ruby tanks. easy layer pieces for winter and summer and soooooooo soft. if you want to rock the leggings look, MUST BUY damsel leggings. are slim, soft and warm. get them in plum. very cute. also why is everything made by the urban label "lux" sooo cuteness? i bought the knit empire waist dress in brown. very booby, in a good way.