Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

February 2, 2006


got to finally meet lesley at fashiontribes this morning at the glam panel. she is fab. you may remember her from the major interview she podcasted with me a few months back.. anyhoo, she was there along with deb who moderated, samir who spoke, melissa and chris who was doing the welcoming. was fun to see the print journalists take notes on the bloggers. interesting twist! then i headed over to the tents to get my press pass so i wouldnt have to stand in line tomorrow AM, ran into a very nice photog from the daily news, had lunch in the park -it was sunny and nice! headed over to FOX where we filmed a segment for sweeps with alicia from FARMINGTON MI. 9 mile and drake to be exact! isn't thet funny?! i love meeting fellow michigan peeps here in nyc. we've got that midwestern thing going on for sure. its called niceness. oh yeah, and not pretentious, thank you very much.