Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

February 5, 2006


*miss meghan fashion week tip: if you want to run into celebs, editors, and stylists during fashion
week, your best bet is to head to the meatpacking district boutiques. you will see more action there than you will at the tent, with much closer more relaxed interactions, which makes miss meghan tres happy.

saturday i hit yigal azrouel on 14th street, a shop i had never been in, but had much hankered to. he has really gorgeous jackets, dresses, shrugs, all that are made for a womans body. ok obviously they are women's clothes BUT his have a shape and fluidty that really emphasize the good, and deemphazisze the bad on a body like mine. no striaght cut silhouettes that leave you feeling inadequate becaus eyour body is not a 12 year old boy's. no no no. i hea that yugal never had any formal training, he just drapes the fabrics and what comes out, comes out!

next stop, rubin chappelle, where spring has started to come in. lovely fluid tops in jersey and rich silk. colorways greens and blues. mmm. not to mention the totally intense boots they are making! hello. these are $2900 handmade according to your foot drawing boots, and while they are a little bit earth shoe-ish, they are also extremely fierce. dense pebbled leather in rich tones, details like buttons made out of candian quateres, heavy cord lacing and embroidered swirls in contrasting stitching, and even horse tail! will keep you posted on these and a pic soon. they are the kind of boots that like a pug, are ugly-cute.

next stop, alexander mcqueen, where he is showing dusty green jeans for spring. blech. i could only think of captain kangaroo. not chic in my mind. while i was inpecting the shoes--a few platrofm woodedn sandl monstrosities but also a few gorgeous stilettos, guess who i should stumble upon but the olsen twins. sitting in the way back on the bench, they looked like two very small women, not anorexic or weird, just petite. both in a very layered getups as is their wont. and one in stilettos and dark ankle socks. which speaking of.

on the runways we ares eeing a lot of white tights with black dresses and boots, black tights with white dresses, and interesting fall sandal is emerging too, with criss cross straps across the toe box. will keep you in th eloop on this.

then it was on to the manhattan vintage show, where i picked up a peignor, and sarah picked up some cool victorian collars. then a snippet of 5th ave shopping (zara anyone?) then uptown to andrea's fash show, then downtown to jj's rock show. whew! all in 3 inch black stiletto boots!!! you know I never wear stilettos that long AND walk all over in them. but there you go. i forgot my dr scholls gel insoles and suffered the consequence! at one point i was in so much pain i almost bought a pair of flats at jcrew. but managed to refrain.