Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

March 29, 2006


i have a second hand smoke hangover this morning. which is a good thing. and i will tell you why. for so long there has been no where a self-respecting downtown girl like myself could get her dance on. yes there' s bungalow(celeb only), there was lux(dirty w-burg guys), and looong loong ago save the robots (u didn't want to go there after 4am but sometimes you ended up there anyway), but happy valley seems to be the perfect combination of it all. guys in suits meet guys in seven inch platforms. fab hard house meets kanye. theo on the door, and then whisked upstairs where we had a perfect view of dita von teese cavorting in a giant champagne glass. sal the owner was wearing fab trainers. lots of ladies wore 1940's attire to get in the mood--see the pic of fab 40's inspired red shoes by one audience member. dita herself wore super high red sparkly platform heels with an ankle strap. which of course she took off before she jumped in her champagne glass. suzanne bartsch, hostess with the mostess, rocked her broken leg by wearing a flip-flop on one foot and flat on another. lots of fun dancers in the neon cage and on the bar of course. because what new york club club is complete without bar dancing?