Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

March 9, 2006


miss meghan must addend her shoe clip searching. for the delightful crisa has written to the miss meghan from absolutelyaudrey, another fabulous shoe clip vendor! i am so happy now i have so many more to choose from. not one, but two fab shoe clip vendors. absolutelyaudrey creates clips from vintage shoeclip designs as well as her own, and has a VERY wide selection to choose from. from modern to classic and back again. the bridal collection is quite stunning as well. and remember ladies, shoe clips can multi-task--use them to jazz up the back of a knee high boot, a hat or handbag! sold at chic boutiques across the land, as well as the fab fashionbliss, these clips are a fashion shoe treat! absolutelyaudrey is really about capturing a classic moment in fashion history, when girls wore girly things, and pointy bras and all that fun stuff. now you don't have to go on ebay and bid for an old crusty might not work vintage shoe clip, you can evoke the same feeling here and they will be fresh and new for you! oh did i mention the meghan? see pic above. named for me i am sure!

i must also make an addendum to my shoes for the larger size foot article and note that samanta shoes will now be making ALL of their styles up to size 13! glorious news! samanta makes hot sexy shoes with a special insole she designed herself, to accommodate even the flattest of feet.