Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

March 20, 2006


wow! did mika and i tear it up on my last day in san fran. we hit bananarepublic, ninewest, kate spade, h&m, neiman's, and the icing on our collective cakes, the forever 21 flagship! oh boy! did we stock up on spring dresses and tops. bright coral and blue jersey dresses, black lace tops, you name it, we did it! three glorious floors! had a deep conversation about how important it is to mix price points, materials, textures, vintage and new, designer and knock off. it's all about a look. no matter how you get there, ladies!

mika and i at forever 21:
mika and i are forever 21

mika in her rockin ninewest metallic wedges:
mika in her FAB metallic wedges