Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

March 17, 2006


wow did we rock it in san fran last night! despite a torrential downpour, we had more than 300 shoe-lovers turn out to macy;s in union square for some serious shoe lovin'! I sported some fishnets with my enzo peep-toes, and the ladies at laura mercier did a fab glam job onn my makeup. then we headed upstairs to the green room, grabbed a snack, and then rushed down to the stage on teh second floor. it was wild. tons of cameras and video, 300 ladies sipping shoe-tini's, team nancy from chronicle was there, shoe cookies, and an entire floor of shoes. can u imagine? miss meghan was in heaven! so many fans cameout and i got to meet both crisa from absolutely audrey and mika from fashion bliss in person, as well as coquette the fab glam blogger! melissa ad the glam team cameout tooo for some drinkies! too un! wait, can anything ever be too fun? i don't think so. especially when it relates to shoes!