Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

January 30, 2004


my first response to my shoe question from dear reader naomi in san francisco:

"Yah, I have a tiny addiction to shoes myself...which I feed on a monthly basis...it's the Philippino in me, it was ingrained from the womb.

So my absolute fave shoes? My Mom's red t-strap vintage Jourdans from like 1969...they're mint...and I had to stop her from throwing them away a couple of years ago. And my second? The final pair of Marc Jacobs at a deep discount at Saks this past winter -- which fended off two Hong Kong tourists from taking out of my "piles", they're typical black half-boots but it's the thought that I had to have a WWF style smackdown is worth a chuckle or two."

oh yessss my dear, i hear you on the jourdans & WWF smackdowns are never too large a price to pay for the perfect boot.


how excited i get when i get reader email. won't you aid my procrastination activities by flooding my inbox with emails? it will take sooooo long to read everyone of your lovely words, commenting on bits and bobs in my blog like nice reader holly did on wednesday. just to make things more interesting, why don't i pose a question you can answer? oh goody. this will be so fun. ok, here it is.

what is your favorite pair of shoes and why?

miss meg

January 29, 2004


you know i bought the usweekly with the jen and ben split on the cover. rayray don't gasp, it's ok. i've got to get my e! gossip somehow. and see the golden globe outfits, non? what was up with nicole kidman's hair? hm. the goddess effects were not fully manifesting there. the side cleavage was cute tho. i think i liked uma's dress best. she is quite a babe these days, post-ethan who seems to be lost in complete cluenessless. on his own path, you might say.

January 28, 2004


can we also just observe the majorly cooler and wayy more hipster than thou attitude all the workers with their slightly punk rock haircuts have? hello, you work at a BAKERY. you put icing on cupcakes. zen, i could get into, but cooler than the conde cafeteria? no.

magnolia bakery also has a special program for girls like me where instead of eating the cupcakes, you can go in and just put the icing directly on your ass.


now for something more interesting. hmmmmm. more interesting. oh yes. here we go. a dear reader writes in:

"very cool blog you have going here! it's certainly right up my alley. i also live near marc jacobs and laughed my ass off about trying to work but day dreaming about shopping on bleeker. I often find myself at odd hours of the day proudly carrying home a large piece of pecan pie from magnolia, when I should be doing many other things. it's the not-so-good, fattening form of procrastination. "

other forms of food procrastination:
--suddenly being hit with a craving to fill your kitchen with groceries and make all the recipes you've clipped from the times magazine over the last five years
--making homemade pie crusts
--making upside down pear tarts*

*this is the only one i do with regularity

January 27, 2004


thinks i shouldnt be commenting on the affairs of bennifer, but c'mon, that is GREAT procrastination activity, dontcha think?

January 23, 2004


something equivalent or better is on it's way to jen jen.


smartly, miss thing didn't marry this one. sounds like he just can't quite give up the frat-boy lifestyle. ben! wake up! shave! do something! you are going to miss out on one of the most luscious ladies of the universe!


just don't fall asleep at your desk like i did or you'll miss all the doings.

January 22, 2004


looking at catherine malandrino shoes on way home from the lawyer's office. bet you didn't know she even DID shoes didja? she's going to be unveiling some fierce roman silhouette looking sandals that work themselves up the ankle with a wedge heel quite soon. wedge wedge wedge. everything is a wedge this spring!


--cleaning entire office
--making tazo chai lattes
--looking up words and phrases in the dictionary like "out of pocket" which strangely enough means out of cash. why did i think that meant not available?

January 20, 2004


what about a very small moment of procrastination involving those collages i like to make? the ones with all the cutouts from magazines and pieces of packaging i've saved over the years. where i very carefully cut out little pieces of colors and text and and patterns and pictures and place them in the place that feels the best. and i get more and more obssessed with more and more layers. creating a textured, layered collage of beauty.

interviewer: so what is the most challenging part about creating your collages?
me: when i glue something down and then decide it's not in the right place and i have to move it

perhaps this would qualify as a top of the barrel procrastination technique, non?


i have scraped the bottom of the procrastination barrel by cleaning my entire apartment from top to bottom. i maintain that i need a healthy zen environment in which to create my masterpiece, but rayray just laughs :(

January 18, 2004


when i only answer emails in avery short succinct sentences. or leave very monsyllabic, even haiku-like voicemail messages. love you dear understanding readers and friends!


off i go into the wonderful world of finishing my shoe book. yes its that time where text is being sought by my wonderful and sweet publisher and i must make them and me proud proud proud! YES we want an amazing book on shoes and YES this will require miss meg to take a petite break from the everyday to immerse herself in the final stages of her book. she will drink ginger tea with honey and sit very dilgently at her table and stare out at bleecker street, think for a moment about marc jacobs calling down the block, have a flash of the magenta butterfly slingbacks with rhinestone adorned heels and get inspired all over again. oh sweet life!

January 12, 2004

and did i mention the very fabulous quote from steve, "bags are my passion, but shoes are my weakness." i think we can all relate.


mais oui, my pretties. another pair of sumptuous suede and furry boots, now in black, await me at verve, one of the very best shoes stores in the city. in case you haven't gotten there you should go. they stock all sorts of the hottest european designers including calliste (the brand of my very fabulous boots). and steve, the owner tipped me off to the next big thing, apparently kowalski shoes have been taking europe by storm. good to know. and now you know so that you can get your hands on them before anyone else does. steve of course stocks one style right now, with more coming for spring if you live here in the city, you may want to get yourself over there pronto.

January 10, 2004


do I go back and buy another pair of extremely comfortable, extremely warm, extremely stylish in a very NON-UGG way boots with the sumptous removeable fur legwarmer in black even though i already have a pair in lavendar? write in folks. but hurry. its very very very very cold here and if i need to buy them, i'll have to do it pronto.

well russell took me to the opening night of the new tribeca comedy club where i laughed so hard i thought i'd peed mypants. i didn't really think i'd peed my pants, it's just an expression. but anyhoo, that says a lot for me because i know a lot of very funny people and have been to a lot of very funny show sin my lifetime. and this one was one of the funniest. lynn was an amazing hostess, that little saucy mouth delivering every line with sweet smile, even when she was making the boys a little mad as they were forced to open their eyes to some of their own misconceptions. hee hee.

met all the knoxville gang, with their lovely graciousness, truly enjoyed the insightful thoughts from a times insider on the blair/raines fiasco, and noticed that when the temperature drops here in our chilly city, the amount of fur that comes out is enough to populate a small zoo.

January 9, 2004

And there were no UGG's at bungalow 8 afterward. Not a one. Phew!


Nowi've got another Daniel to love, in addition to my sweet godson. Chef Daniel at the restraurant of the very same name. What sumptuous atmosphere, succulent desserts, after-dinner champagne and pomegranate nectar, and of course his very sweet company.

January 6, 2004

you will need to sit down for what i am about to tell you. walking toward me on fifth avenue was a perfectly lovely lady. cream shearling, well-kept hair. i smiled at her until i looked down. on her feet were a pair of brand new cream UGG's. on the UGG's were emblazoned a gold metallic peace symbol. one on each of the UGG's, right in the middle of the calf. sparkling in the sun.

i know. know dear reader. what are we to DO?

January 5, 2004


remember that band from the 80's. i really loved that song. with the video where all the pairs of shoes walked around the house and such. i wonder if my shoes walk all over the apartment when i'm gone. the vintage green rhinestone studded ones cozying up to my rose jimmy choos, my plain black calvin kleins trailing my silver sigersons. my red striped ashley dearborns of course leading the pack. must be fun to be a shoe. sigh.