Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 19, 2004

oh yes i think i did.  had a FAb talk with some of favorite shoemakers in the city today, the three amigos at sacco.  did you know sacco comfort shoes have a renewing memory foam in each pair? and leather soles injected with rubber? put that together with some kid leather linings for breathability, and customized toe boxes that don't cut off circulation in your pointy-toed kitten heels and we are talking about the perfect blend of comfort and stylishness.  wow!
and for those of you who were wondering, i wore my fuschia and green lily pulitzer  dress to the shoot on friday. over my "gwyneth" blue cult jeans and with my donna karan pink metallic woven strappy sandals.  courtney my fave makeup artist decked me out in some summer fabulous blue sparkly eyeshadow from nars and a little bronzer for that summer glow!
ps. did you hear that dusicadusica closed the deal on their new store/showroom on the corner of prince and crosby? they are going to open this fall into the hugely expanded space where you'll see all their fab designs for fal including the waterproof cashmere boots!  eek!