Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 21, 2004

the small door on grove that used to give entree to one of nyc's hottest clubs (halo) is again on the rise.  i got a sneak preview and personal tour with arram, the new owner, last night and there is no doubt that come this fall, 49 grove has the potential to be a harder door than bungalow 8.  rock star meets ralph lauren is the new agenda there: lots of onyx, glittering black lacquer, cozy fireplaces, gray flannel sconces, and waiters in pinstripes is on the docket for the interior decorators.  the "den" is a private room past the VIP section that completely closes off with it's own bar for the ultimate in secret canoodling. fueled by celeb events already booked by lizzie grubman & co, i think it could be a new downtown playground and give hue's beds a run for their money!

as it was berkos bday, and the demolishers were set to start knocking down walls today, we had full run of the place, and were instructed to finish everything in the bar.  not entirely possible but we made a dent.  i left at two when the crew from the hot new resturant on bleecker, august,  arrived and started mixing up the deadly cranberry-vodka shots.  but before i did i managed to get a few little sneak tidbits on the olympics in athens from an insider on the tennis committee (no the greeks havent finished building it all yet, and that perhaps the reason the williams sisters have declined to play may be more based on the fact that mandatory blood testing is required for the first time this year rather than terrorism: but you didn't hear that here.)  at her behest, i tried on the fabulous red sergio rossi do-me pumps of the scintillating diana su and talked diamante and constanzo banca with alicia, the juicy fashion exec.  i also talked to K about his latest romance, to big mama about being a sous chef and tom about st tropez. 

i think miss meg wants to have a little book signing or two there.  wouldn't that be fun? oh goody.  i don't know what i'll wear to be rock star ralph but i am sure i can scare up something, non? i am feeling black uber-dramatique satin with red lips. and some killer strappy stilettos.mmmmm.