Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 8, 2004


Miss Meghan caught up with CeCe Chin, the hot new shoe designer who is giving the words cute and comfortable a run for their money. The girl who sits up in her attic bedroom plastered with rock posters, listening to her fave new album, chewing a little gum, and wearing Zinc Pink lipstick is Ce Ce’s muse. She’s girly and sexy and a little bit of rocker, just what Ce Ce’s Vans-inspired hand-painted canvas creations will bring out in you. Sold at Steven Allan, Spooly D’s and Stackhouse in Manhattan, AB Fits in San Fran and Jennifer Kaufman in LA, you might want to get yourself in a pair b4 the summer’s out!

What are your favorite pair of shoes? Where did you get them?
Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato black crackle leather Ankle boots that unzip and fold down- giving me two choices of looks!

Give me three adjectives that describe how you feel in these shoes.
Ass Kicking Rock and Roll Sexy

What pair of shoes did you wear on your last date?
I went for a bike ride with a cutie last night and I wore the Anna shoe from my line, a pointed canvas vulcanized sneaker with pink airbrush painting. Super sporty sexy comfy cool.

What pair of shoes would you want to be buried in?
My Silver leather Michael Kors princess wedge sandals. They are almost 4" high and I can't walk in them! But I can't part with them, they're too beautiful. So maybe I'll wear them then.

How many pairs of shoes in your closet?
At least 100. I wish there were less. I can't throw any of them away. Each pair seems to have a memory attached (I bought these when I was in love with so and so, I was wearing these when I got my first order, etc).

What type of shoes do you like to see on the opposite sex?
Nike High Tops, Adidas or Puma sneakers. No sandals, no leather woven shoes!

What shoe designer do you most identify with?
Tsumori Chisato, the Japanese designer I mentioned before. She's really a ready to wear designer, kinda like the Marc Jacobs of Japan. Usually she only makes a few styles, but they are always fun, fun, fun.

Are you a pointy toe girl or round toe girl?

Stiletto or flat?
Flat or mid heel. I have a few pairs of stilletos but I can only wear them for a little while. I live in my Annas!

What's the most you ever paid for a pair of shoes?
$650 for a gorgeous and timeless pair of Jil Sander high heel ankle boots. Totally worthy the investment.

Do you remember your first pair of shoes?
White patent Mary Janes with scalloped edges. I wore them with red tights.