Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

July 20, 2004

what i am seeing for this fall in shoes in what i am calling the replica movement.  shoe designers are not just taking design details or references to shoes that have been done before, but rather are replicating them exactly, albeit with new, sturdier materials and improvements on comfort level.  it all started when judi rosen of the good the bad and the ugly on east 9th street found the manufacturer of her favorite 70's vintage shoes and went into partnership with him adding more cushioning in the sole and some updated materials and then selling the shoes in her funky boutique.  this kicked off a trend in the disco dancing shoe which manifested at places like betsy johnson.  we also saw marc jacobs ripping off vintage designs in a very literal way the last two seasons, tho he always managed to add a little sumpin', sumpin' to his designs (even tho his production quality does not exactly beget his wild price points. ahem. do ya think sofia c, as his muse, might want to point that out to him sometime maybe?) now designers are doing replica to all era of shoe.  more on this my children, very soon.
meanwhile CERTAIN PEOPLE have been calling me asking if other CERTAIN PEOPLE are being distracted by yours truly.  now, dear readers, if you know me, you know that i am not in the least bit distracting.  charming, flirtatious and fun yes, but i would never ever distract. oh no, not me.