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February 28, 2005


that s basically what her dress was about. being naked in the most classy, grecian sexy way. loved that dress. but i have to say i was upset that annette didnt win that oscar. oh i was. i guess this just means annette will have to make another fantabulous movie in a year where hilary does not.

cate blanchett was looking lovely. natalie portman.of COURSE she wor elanvin. renee in that red and pink gownaliciousness. selma should have gotten bangs out her eyes but otherwise looked stunning and boobilicious as she does. ziyi zhang looked cute. i love that beyonce can carry off so much bling with so little effort. do you think gwyneth feels ambivalent about her breasts? they never seem to fit just right in whatever gown she wears. halle always look s like perfection.


well i just went to yoga where a man named pagan twisted my arms around my back and through my knee. very releasing indeed. then i headed to lulus where a woman with very large green eyeglasses that sort of protruded off the sides of her face said to the man across the table from her, "so, as your girlfriend. i mean date. what do you want me to look like tonight?" i didnt hear his response. on the way home i spied an empty apple computer box with two wine glasses and a kitchen sponge sitting out on the grass.

make of all this what you will. all i can say is that its LA and i was walking.


because who doesnt love a pomeranian?

February 27, 2005


if u are in nyc stop by. 7:30 pm kgb bar.


the main sponsor of this week's miss meghan blogging, joe epstein, who generously provided sustenance, support and getting me back on the fun program with his positive words. thank you jooooooooooe. said the michigan way for maximum effect.


the good people at evian who have kept my so well-hydrated all week. this is not a commercial but they are truly my favorite favorite water.


oh yeah. my heel just bit the dust. michele with one L from damone roberts just hooked me up with the last pair of havianas. white thank goodness!!!

it is not cute when your heel snaps. there is some certain angle that makes it snap. ive done it before at an event and its not pretty.

so anyway here i am at the top button sample sale party. its pretty rockin. they had the best goody bag of anyone here. better than mira max even (two bulgari perfumes and an elle mag that i already have).

so after jenni told clive owen we were rooting for him tomorrow and he responded like a gracious deer in the headlights, danika and her mom, jenni and julie and i all headed off to chaya, just off robertson blvd. ran into laura schooler in the bar--she is here counting the ballots!! and jen from my days at michigan. wow. we sat down to a fabu dinner, lots of wine and lots of good conversation. julie drove me home, then joe and i stayed up watching our own movies on our own TVs. i watched all about eve with gabrielle union and ll cool j and he watched another action movie.

today we got up and headed to lulus cafe where we read cathy griffins hilarious piece in the style section and enjoyed the SUN. yes thats right my little pretties. we sat OUTSIDE in february. and had SUN on our faces. hello.

yesterday angela bassett stopped by the center. she is BEAUUU tiful. really gorgeous. she was wearing driving loafers which i thought showed her fabulous inner ocnfidence. she felt no need to wear stilettos even though she is very petite.

so ANYWAY. miss meg had a little anxiety yesterday about WHAT TO WEAR to miramax. turns out that LA is even MORE casual than NYC and that many women were wearing even black pants and sparkly tops. what did i finally get around in?

kelly/emerald green silk dress kneee length, very grecian with lots of gathers and sort of ropey straps. my pinky jimmy choos with turquoise brooches. and a fabuous fushia and pink lacey wrap over the shoulders. the wrap was orginally a dress but no one has to know that. i put my hair up and away i went. as you might read from my live blogging, helena christensen showed me the way in when i got lost. and i walked down a very long red carpet with a bank of cameras unlike anything i have ever seen. no one turned on their lights till the very end when my friends from Star TV (paul and crew) said hello. they are quite sweet.

straight off i saw david duchovny then i headed over to the bar for water. me up with a few fun friends of aarons then ran into jon a nd yonni (see below) one a producer and one a man about town. we promptly sat down with danika and crew and proceeded to enjoy the show. there was a lot of talk from bob and harvey w and the stars who accepted awards that this was NOT the end of making great miramax films which was nice because after they showed the 25 years retrospective of all their fab films i felt a little sad. remember my left foot? and crying game? leo di caprio was great, really sweet and grateful to harvey for helping with the aviator. so was marty scorcese.

this morning all the roads are starting to get blocked up and such. its sunny and feels very HOLLYWOOD here in west hollywood. now, to put on my flip flops.

February 26, 2005

Jenni who is a MAJOR producer just told clive owen our tart eating table we wished him luck tomorrow

Leo di caprio just spoke

he really is psyched about tomorrow

lovely danika the writer and director just donated her lamb chop to me because she knows how starving I am

marty scorcese speaking now
love his glasses
he's pretty major



Quentino tarantino

and clive owen


cate blanchett just ate the head off her choclate oscar. Actually chomped it off.

jon from albuquerque is sitting next to me he's a producer.

yonni who is sitting on the other side of me also a producer and is allergic to leather which limits his shoe choices

jon is allergic to fish


That harvey he likes film


Alan alda speaking

micheal mann just got up apparently he is in pre production on miami vice. how cooll is that? a miami vice movie?! yeah!


just gave one to cate b

harvey is speaking now. he is hilarious. much nicer off the sugar.



no events or person will ever break up the bros weinstein


cate blanchett


heidi klum

harvey w

I am in standing room will let u know more soon


[Posting live from the pre-Oscar Miramax party, dictating to my honey, and scooping Defamer...]

I got lost outside the blue whale. Helena Christensen showed me the way in. Patricia Clarkson was behind me. I walked in, there’s a lot of people here honey and I’m way overdressed. The only person I’ve seen is David Duchovny and some other guy I can’t place. That’s it, so far! I’m inside, and there’s tons and tons of people. I had to walk down the red carpet with … do you hear this? “Ladies and gentlemen…” Wait. I have to go give a commentary on someone’s shoes. More soon.


that was here yesterday morning. i arrived to see a man wrapped head to toe in an ace bandage holding what else, a vitamin drink. he also had a blue poncho on. hm.

apparently he was having a sea weed wrap. he looked sort of like the seaweed superherp. and in fact he asked if he could do anything for me, heroic. fortunately no one was stealing my purse or knocking me over so i didn't need saving. whew.

February 25, 2005


i was just given a business card that says "i am legendary. you are not."

and also. i am finding out that my book translates to men with no problem. doing a focus group right now.


danny teeson from queer eye for the straight GIRL. he is right when he says this party is going to be happenin' in about one hour. i see lots of serious dancing going on very very soon. david gallan just sat down next to me too. his fabulous bags are quite fierce i must say.

i am feeling the dancing feeling suddenly. could be the champagne? or all the fab people in the movielink digital lounge. its sort of like the womb in here. small cozy, warm and a lot of great conversation. so maybe not 100% like the womb.


i am here at the IN magazine party which seems alittle more hopping than last nights already and its only like 6 . i think. i am so jet lagged i have no clue whats going on. no i d o. because i drank a vitamin drink. and i do know that celine dions assistant gave her one of my books today. i signed it saying i bet she was a stiletto girl!

jesse from desparate housewives here 2day. did i miss him? of course because i am missing all the celebs. sigh.

j and randy stopped by and cheerleaded about my book and got some jeans from meltin pot. we also checked out sean john collection which was fun. and i got ANOTHER pair of havainas. pink and green this time. i mean i had to. they are too special. kwan's my friend in the havaianas suite and he super fab. wears very cool blazers.

joy is currently across from me asking, r u blogging again?

yep.the man we voted hottest waiter just came in and served me some champers. life is sweet.


but he is a man named mark. jessica at stila just hooked me up with a beautiful look and marilisa--teh creative director at mark anthony just did my hair. she is just as obsessed with books and shoes as i am. eek.

had tea with tina from footpetals--she is amazing. and has a doggie car seat in her car which i think is kind of amazing. we had a ball getting more custom flipflops from kwan at havainas. apparantly, barbara streaisand does not put her little tootsies in her shoes until there is a foot petal in them. that is a pretty fierce endoresment if i do say so myself. if babwa wawa has to have them you do too!

apprently julie andrews just passed thru and the lead from hairspray. things are picking up so off i go!!

i am going to camp out in the beauty lounge the rest of the day and sign my book!! whoo hoo!

February 24, 2005


i am in the movielink lounge, there is amazing music playing and the people are beginning to file in. a full bar is open with lots of interesting juices from carpe diem, like elderberries and gingkos and such. mix one up with ciroc and its like getting drunk on vitamins. is this the same as high on life or is the jet lag starting to hit me?

i just found out al sharpton was here yesterday also. why do i miss all the good people?

al silvestri, the creative director at hachette filiapacchi media, just popped his head in to say hi. he has an excellent pink shirt on this eve.


did i mention that i am doing a little preview of my book for the people here tomorrow. if you are in LA, stop by. ill be in the beauty lounge. the girls at stila promised me a fabulous face while i sign my first books in my plum sharpie. you didnt know that sharpie made a pen in plum did you? yep. and i have one.


i missed one of my all-time favorite people--goldie hawn, actress extraordinaire. i will promise to be more alert tomorrow my pretties.


i missed one of my all-time favorite people--goldie hawn, actress extraordinaire. i will promise to be more alert tomorrow my pretties.


is what i got today. custom made pour moi. white soles, blue thong with diamante. owee.

i am sitting in the movielink lounge getting ready for the palm pictures/ICM party. everyone is chilling and drinking some tasty drinks listening to the DJ spin some mellow hip hop in the lull before the mad mad rush.


yielded a very tasty balsamic steak. mmmm.


well here I am at RED CARPET '05 at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. I am the only blogger here!! eeek! can you believe. Miss Meghan loves to be exclusive. Currently blogging at the Movielink digital lounge.

The nice people at the Crown Royal barber shop let me put my bags in the back of their fabulous bar, but I think it is too too early for a drink, non? Meanwhile I hear Defamer is coming by--very exciting. Girl or boy? you wonder and so do I.

I just got my makeup done at Stila by a very sweet woman named Andrea who gave me Viola eyes to match my Geminola skirt that I love so much. Thank you Tracy Cox, stylists extraordinaire, who turned me on to that place. I am also wearing my Lanvin jacket and my little black Calvin stilettos. I do love stilettos and LA is the best place to wear them since no one walks!! Parfait!

I saw a celebrity that I dont know posing on a tempurpedic bed. that was exciting. people were taking a LOT of pictures.

I just found out about two SECRET things here at the design center from Joy at Movielink. NO I cant tell them to you. but they have to do with eating and lounging.

well, more soon little kidlets!

February 18, 2005


in last week's newsweek, BENING: just like in real life, you feel different if you're wearing a tux of if you'r e in jeans. And shoes! Shoes are huge!"

SWANK: "it's true. If you change shoes you sit differently, you walk differently."

miss meghan must say she wishes for annette to get the oscar this time round. just my two cents.


get thrown.

February 11, 2005


and his name is sam. and no i am not going to tell you where sam cuts and colors hair. and where i got so much fabulous attention from three japanese men colroring and blowing out and got to lie down on a bed and take a little nap while they were washing my hair! oh no i'm not because then you will go there and know my little secret and then sam will be busy and never able to fit me in and then i wont have the most fabulous blonde blonde i've ever had in my life. oh no i'm not.


well miss meg is here on the west coast, hangin w/the surfers in la jolla. just kidding. actually just saw my honey do an amazing reading at UCSD, and now we go up to LA to shoot my segment on Soaptalk! spring shoes galore !!! i cant wait.

in the meantime, check me out in boldtype. today.

February 8, 2005


Radio that is. Oh yes my sweeties. I was on this show this morning which went out to 3 million lovely listeners across the world. They wanted to know what tony blair's scruffy shoes said about him. And what a sneaker girls shoe said about her. Oh it was such fun!

Now miss m has been a bad girl and besides doing the british armed forces, she has forgotten to tell you all about tuleh.

Oh my goodness didn't he send out such elegant black dresses of lace effects and all sorts of fabulous feelings, as well as a little political camo. And who was there but lloyd bentsen, kyra sedgwick, mama (looking uber-glamourous in fabulous fur and very perfect glossy lip gloss), veronica webb, anna wintour, kyle field from coach, fraser of course, who was running everything, and the veritable suzy menkes. When I asked suzy what she thought, she replied "verrrrrrry interesting, yes interesting." Here's what she said last year about them.

On the way out Robert Verdi stopped all traffic in and out of the tents with another show stopping look. A fluorescent orange fedora over a paisley scarf. Hello!

February 4, 2005


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