Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 11, 2006


there is no gazing with longing at the silhouette, no feeling of different textures, trying on of heel heights. none of that. just a conversation with christian at the tmobile store about how the mda is the worst phone every created, why doesn't tmobile sell the treo 700 which is sooooo easy to use and pretty, and ok, what phone do i need to have so i can get email and write texts in a normal way instead of trying to touch the screen with the side of my fingernail.

so. here i am with the blackberry. i have succumbed to it's buzzing noise. and delight in the way it serves me up phone calls, texts and emails all in the same screen. i will now be one of those people with the square-ness of the blackberry clutched in my right hand, my eye and thumb constantly scrolling. i am sort of excited. i will be efficient and answer emails accurately and in a timely way. perhaps i need a square bag. square bags tend to make me feel very efficient.

also. i will now get your emails. also. you will get less spelling errors from me. also. it lost a lot of my numbers--if u call call or text me, tell me your number.

xo miss meg