Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 6, 2006


elizabeth ended up in my alaias and a major belt (i am currently convinced everyone in addition to needing alaias in their lives, could also do with a major belt or two) , with her all black ensemble. more than 275 peeps came out to hear curtis, jennifer egan, binny kirschenbaum et al read pieces from this is not chick lit. all the literary power peeps were there including jessa and felicia, wendy, anne, the random house ladies, jimmy, and of course the CBS crew taking it all in for broadcast. elizabeth was giving me her best "ask a question" look when the panel started so i kicked it off with an inane question that fortunately jennifer egan turned into something brilliant. then we all headed to 420, then passer-by, then spotted pig where for some reason, we decided to order a bottle of prosecco and a lemon-lime tart, and radish salads. we didn't realize it was 2am till much, much later.

*note to selves; roll mops are actually the pickled herring (ew!). it's devils on horseback that are the prunes wrapped in bacon.

*second note to self: start blog called highheelsandshorts. the trend is OVER people. over.

then a man tried to seduce me by offering olive oil gelato topped with maldon sea salt. then we took some self-portraits with napkins. then we smoked cigarettes (organic, mom, don't worry!). then finally, finally we smartly headed home.