Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 27, 2006


Miss Meg's new monthly column, Life, Love & Stilettos, is now up at HotForShoes!

Every month, Meghan will address the conundrums of the modern goddess and her shoes. From PMS & Pumps to Heartbreak in a Shoe-box, Meghan writes the narrative of a woman in the city navigating her way, from the ground up.


For every woman, there is a shoe

Sometimes I want to be Courtney Love; hair unwashed, kinda dirty and wayyyy out there. Sometimes I want to be Jennifer Lopez; sleek, glam and couture. Sometimes I feel more like Sleater-Kinney; wanting to wail on whatever instrument is closest to me. And sometimes, I want to be Oprah; rockin’ a serious business suit in the boardroom.

It’s pretty much the conundrum of the modern goddess. We’re all trying to incorporate our high-fashion moment with our actual lives. The days where we hit the ground running, barefoot out of bed, mascara flaking down our faces from the charity event we were at the night before, or the day where we wake up and we’re on deadline, or the kids are late for school, or we can’t seem to find our Blackberry and lipstick and keys in the rush to get out of the house in the morning. . .

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