Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 14, 2006


that i spend considerable time and energy trolling for the perfect gelato manhattan has to offer at various and east village haunts. laboratorio il gelato: very good. the place on bleecker street with the wierd name: also quite good. san't ambroues : very good (try the pear sorbetto--like a fresh pear) .then there are the people from vermont who make the micro batches: i am forgeting their name but you can get it at citarella. then there is ciao bella, which used to have a place across from my office where i had many many scoops of their chocolate sorbetti. there is also the newly opened sundaes and cones on east 10th: which i recommend the ginger ice cream. (their cookies 'n cream not so good).

mass market ice creams that give me a headache: haagen daz and ben and jerry's. i do not know what they make their ice cream with, heavy on the sugar?

mass market ice creams that do not give me a headache: breyer's and starbucks.

so we have all of this. and we have now this. jeni's ice creams. i almost feel like i need to get a plane and go to columbus, a place heretofore i would have never ever thought of as a destination. but wait, i think they actually might ship to me ! whew. there is an ice cream goddess.

every season, we have must-have bags and shoes and colors and jackets. must-have ice cream. is that a thing? now it is.