Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 1, 2004


at elizabeth charles while elena tried one fabulous dresses (and came away with two lovely pieces---one, a gunmetal grey silk jersey affair and one a champagne silk two-piece)i was taking in the shoe designs of aussie terry biviano. particulary fetching? her spring green satin thong ankle bootie (ooooh sounds so sexy even just saying it!) and her cutout pump. a pointy-toed pump with tearddrops and scallops cut out along the sides and filled in with clear plastic. in one shot it looked as if there were glitter on the models foot and it got me to thinking--what about foot glitter as the newest shoe accoutrement? for women only pls. in sandals. don't you think?

oh my gosh! and how could i forget? her pink satin stiletto, knee-high boots with three layers of ostrich feathers in fuschia, pink and white. eeek!