Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 28, 2004


after a mani=pedi at my FAVE spa, it all started with the supercreator coming over friday night to transform my zen west village nest into a set a shoe obssessive like myself would be proud of! lets just say 100 shoe boxes, pink peonies, a ladder full of shoe later, i had what looked to be a nice little shoe nest, cozy and chic.

the next morning, the entire production crew arrived and further transformed my little living room into a living breathing set: lights, gels over the windows and NO AIR conditioning (because it's too loud). lets just say miss meg was sweating it a number of ways. but i nailed my last line: REMEMBER THESE SHOES ARE MADE FOR WALKING.

then i dived into the giant box of magnolia cupcakes joel bought and put on some kanye and proceeded to crash heaviliy!

i had so much love and support from my mom, kadidja, supercreator, the robot, elena, the whole crew from autonomy: jessie, david, joel and their great DP and sound man, thank youuuuu sweet people for making my day so fun! pics soon! and we AIR AUGUST 6 on WE network!!! whoeeeee!

sunday elena and i sprayed ourselves silly with rosewater spray and i made a new small friend who i juiced oranges with. then i braved the pride parade to get back to my apartment. i support the cause i just do not support the million people eating falafel and spilling ketchup and mustard packets on my stoop.