Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 22, 2004


it's true. the man who often likens his existence to a monk's has a CELLPHONE. and no i am NOT going to give you the number my
sweeties, i just had to announce that rayray is now open 24/7.

griffin is right now watching national geographic show on working dogs. i am trying to give him some ideas. maybe he can be my assistant? picking up shoes from shoe service, getting shoe designers on the line, etc. whaddya think grif? he's just looking at me.

hey! WE is shooting at my APT this weekend! isn't that fun? we are going to have magnolia cupcakes and a crew of 12 in my very petite living room. send me love my people. i want to rock out my segments--shoe accessories and shoe comfort (but in a chic way). oh goody! going to be so fun!

ps. have many fun pics from nff. some of jim carey who is like completly evolved. if you dont know the million dollar story, look it up on google.