Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 4, 2004


is what i had last saturday afternoon. it means in yiddish, ants in the pants. this was among the many yiddishisms sam and joshie taught me last night. two other ones also. one that meant chutzpah but more than chutzpah (which i can't remember what it was) and then we discussed the merits of mishegoss which is my all-time favorite yiddishism. brought to me in stereo by my rabbi sarah lukashok. it is really a wonderful catch-all for many things that i find go on in my life and in this city.

but that is not the POINT of last night. the POINT was that wendy had yet another fabulous party to celebrate her phenom success with so many fun peeps at city bakery where chocolate chip cookes, homemade marshmallows and coconut blueberry tarts were simply SET OUT on BIG TRAYS. i am very, very surprised no one did a face dive into any of these massive sugar displays. anyhoo, so many nice peeps: john and roomate catie rosemurgy, katty, allison castillo (of sweet paprika fame), the above mentioned sam saturn, karen kline and her fiance, sarah the shoe whore, randy eismann (with whom i share fond michigan accent memories), and wendy herself looking stunning in a fab black and red dress w/red sweet cardigan ensemble.