Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 11, 2004


i am not an expert. i do not know everything there is to know about every shoe on the face of the planet (although i do know a lot)-- and i am open to learning. the reason i commentate is because i love shoes. i have always loved shoes. i loved them when i was 5 and begged my mom for a pair of rope wedge baby blue sandals with flowered embroidery (which i still have a picture of). i loved them when i was 13 and gazed at my new brown oxfords with a very thin sole and excellent clackety-clacking heel during english when i was supposed to be diagramming sentences. i loved shoes when i was 28 and bought a pair of sparkly red dries van noten slingbacks that i used as a table centerpiece for six months before i wore them. and i love shoes now as i finish my shoe book and scout locations for my segment on WE's Savvy show as the shoe girl. i am passionate about shoes like i am passionate about many things in my life. i think talking about shoes is fun because everyone has an opinion on them. i think talking about shoes is fun because people reveal a lot about themselves when they talk about their shoes. i think talking about shoes is fun because they are unlike any accessory--they get you where you are going and at the same time state your personality to the world. now what other accessory can do that? let's face it, shoes are special!

ahem. i just thought i'd clear that up in case you were wondering.