Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

April 29, 2004


1. listening to j. geils freeze frame over and over while jumping around house
2. pretending to send out poetry submissions (by this i mean moving the sealed envelopes that need postage from one part of the desk to another. and back again.)
3. eating a salmon burger & drinking coffee
4. talking on the phone
5. sending email
6. walking to washington square park & back
7. taking a sudden, overpowering interest in my book shelf. WHERE was that carl phillips book? i need to read it right now!
8. reading gawker
9. emailing agent to say i need the weekend to finish proposal
10. playing with hair
11. eating raspberry sorbet
12. doing nails
13. looking at joan rivers postcard and thinkign how much i want to go see her at fez
14. inviting everyone i know to see optigrab this saturday at mercury. c;mon! it'll be FUN!

ok but rayray at least i am not cleaning house from top to bottom. getting on my hands and knees to scrub the MOLDINGS and scrubbing even the bathroom floor behind the toilet in an obsessive manner. ohhhh nooooo. that was LAST weekends procrastination-fest.