Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

April 22, 2004


yes it's true. I TOUCHED ANDRE LEON TALLEY, the man who IS fashion. & i think he is the bees knees. hopefully tadej and katherine will let andre know that i am not a crazy stalker but a perfectly normal girl temporarily starstruck by the presence of such an amazing personality.

who are tadej and katherine you may wonder. well tadej is the STAR of martha graham's circe dance. if you are not familiar with this dance it is all about how ulysses gets all wrapped in circe when he is on his long trip. its about the allure of feminine wiles and all sorts of other things. what this translates into on stage is a lot of very hot muscled sweaty men running around in small shorts and a woman playign circe dressed in a gold lame bodysuit and red cape. lets just say everyone in the audience got a little hot and bothered. in a good way. note to martha graham: provide fans for audience during this piece.

anyhoo, tadej was AMAZING as ulysses. so incredibly talented. and i will tell you that later at the party, i got to touch his arm muscle. yes it was under his suit. but still. and katherine is the fabulous development lady at martha graham who is helping restore the legendary legacy of the dancing. i cant help but think how moderne and avant-garde martha must have been. i mean she did all these things in the 30's and 40's and 50's and 60's.

paul burns threw a fab party at his apt on CPW. lots of warhols and lichensteins around and yummy choclate covered strawberries. mmm.

but back to andre. did i mention i got all discombobulated? oh. yeah. it's ok to temprarily embarras oneself in front of fashion icons, yes? readers pls back me up on this by sending me gently supportive emails to missmeghan@missmeghan.com. thank you.