Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

April 12, 2004


since it is a major treat for me to watch TV i wanted to share with you my interpretation of the sopranos last night:

tony beat up AJ when Aj didnt like the cereal Tony bought. then he sent him back to his mother's (carmela's) house. carmela had an affair with a guidance counselor from school until he accused her of using him to get her son better grades. as she left she told him to be careful. oops. guidance man is going to whacked methinks. oy! note to self: do not have affairs with mafiosa. then tony came over and jumped in the pool in his boxers and carmela realized she will never be free of him. he also made quite a splash since he has been packing on the pounds as of late. yeah. also bare-ass shot of edie falco walkign into bathroom. let me just state her entire body is so toned. note to self: pilates, swimming. now.

i love how basic tony is. he is totally in touch with his most base instincts and yet. he knows those instincts aren't the best anymore. enter: the shrink.

other than that it was all lazing in white sheets, eating bacon, looking at magnolia blossoms, waiting for trains and going on easter egg hunts in the country and trying to teach baby jack how to say my name. so far we have gotten a fairly arabic version of my name that sounds like "mecch". he even called me this morning to say "hello mecch". ok actually his mom dialed the number. but he spoke.