Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

April 9, 2004


wow. van hunt is major, non? thanks roger for turning me on to him and inviting me to joes pub last night to check it out. he's like a male angie stone. and i gotta say, all that stuff mama gena says about men is true, they love to make us ladies feel gooooood. listen to "pleasure" which is track 4 (i think). anyhoo, i raced straight from there to JJ's set at the cutting room. can we please note that it is a bit off-putting to walk in and see a GIANT blown up pic of chris noth in his latest made for TV movie on the wall. especially since he is the proprietor. whats even more disconcerting are the "portraits" of frank sinatra and elton john inside the music room that look like they are about to attack you in a horror flick kinda way. thank goodness joe (supportive friend extraordinaire) and katty (comedienne extraordinaire) felt the same way and i had some fellow sympathizers. jj rocked it out with an awesome version of gravity that kicked some ass and after two french martinis, lora and i kicked back on the couch and chilled.

had a fab convo with a person who shall remain nameless from the kerry press office. when i asked when we were going to see the really dirty shit on W --yes i would love to see old photos of him snorting it up, or more evidence of AWOL, or SOMEthing super dodgy. something visual that would burn in everyone's minds that he is NOT PRESIDENTIAL. anyhoo, she said to watch this space. we may see some "messaging" re: the lousy economy and 9-11 sleeping on the job.

oh geez. i am getting irate again. i try not to but it's hard sometimes when i stop to think about it all.

yes, going to the women's march. and yes you'll see me on street corners campaiging for kerry this fall. what shoes will i wear? hm.