Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 20, 2005


forgot the sun doesn't do down till like 9:30 here. landed to a flaming pink sunset that was pretty awesome, left my bag withh all makeup (eek!) on plane but the northwest ladies found it. whew.

tomorrow morning catch me on spring arbor univeristy radio at 7:10 am shouting out to all the michiganians on the west side of the state,(love using the word michiganian) then at Borders in Novi TOwn Center at 7 pm for a signing. Tomorrow morning catch me on FOX in the morning 8:30 - 9am, with Fanchon Stinger. Go mercy girls!!! 89 rocks!! then in Ann Arbor at 7 pm for a signing at Borders on Washtenaw. i am both tired and excited just thinking about it.


new flip-flop tip!!
put your flips in the shower with you. this gets them clean while you are getting clean. i f they are really dirty put a little shampoo on them too. clean flips are essential for us city girls. in nyc you never know what you are stepping in on the street in the summer. ew.