Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 29, 2005


miss meghan has a new life lesson: do not wear the shoe that doesn't fit. miss meghan bought the cutest pair of pinky beige leather thong sandals with a tiny heel (1 1/2 inch) at the village shoe inn whilst in farmington.BUT looks were deceiving! the classic thong sandal turned out to be extremely uncomfortable when walking the new york city streets. especially in rain and carrying a VCR (don't ask). miss meghan navigated herself very carefully. she thought that the shoes were comfortable--how could they not be when the heel was so small? but the next day, miss meghan woke up with a pain in her leg and her back. oh the pain. childs pose didn't take care of it. and either did the the yoga teacher. miss meghan has to go see the acupuncturist to rid herself of the pain. and still the shoes sit there, looking so unbelievably, deceptively COMFY. miss meghan looks at them and thinks rationally since the heel is not high, she should be comfy in them. she thinks if she had better balance, or more core strength she would not have had the back attack. and so today is the day miss meghan says no to the uncomfortable shoe. even though she has only worn the shoe once. even though it sits and looks at her. she says NO! shoe i will not wear you. i will give you away in the lobby of my building. i will wear grasshoppers to and from the office. i will only wear shoes that are comfortable.

can i get a resounding yes from the back of the room? if you agree, shout YES! right now.