Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 16, 2005


i am at nantucket film fest headquarters, the american legion "in town" as they say here on the island. just wrapped up shooting stills of the best flip flops on the island with gordon from PLUM. he is the cutest thing ever in his reef leather flips and yellow shorts and blue polo! we stopped by vis a vis where i am signing books tomorrow from 2-5 pm, and hung with clay who is seting me up with a beautiful hand painted desk to sit at in the foyer and sign my books. thanks clay!! met avis the owner and then we headed to best of the beach and saw the cutest little flips with pink whales on them in grosgrain ribbon, then off to the new mallory boutique to grab a pair of valentino flips that are exquisite. on to force 5 last where all the coolest kids on nantucket get their flips and shorts and beach gear. the salesgirls were most helpful! now i am planning my eve. first the writers lounge for a quick drink, then the A & E party and then storytelling. storytelling is the HOTtest ticket 2nite on the island. lots of clamouring to get in. will miss meghan be one of the chosen ones? stay tuned!