Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 24, 2005


oh.my.goodness. ann arbor was full of honeysuckle trees perfuming our walk from main street up to the bell tower hotel where we stayed overnight. ann arbor borders was deee-lightful. james and gail took great care of us, and all the peeps came out--steve and tanis and caroline and ian, rayray, scott fairchild and his lovely wife and baby, amy and jeff and baby brahm, judy and jane and their fun friends, and a few new friends who have shoe obessions just like little old me!

it was a sumptuous night of friendship and revelry and i even got to get my stucchi's on with peanut butter silk ice cream before bed!! mmmmm. the next day we hit main street for more fun and hung the gorgeous caroline who showed us all the jewels her dad bought in paris from the opera company. they were amazing!! insects and chokers and big earrings dripping with rhinestones. i wondered what character wore each piece. then stevie threw me in the back of his glamour van and gave mom and i a lift back to teh bell tower. we headed home for a nap and then ladies night out with mary, gramma c and gramma p, and had a good laugh or fifty over the size of our salads at california pizza kitchen.

today is work work work. i have a big proposal to get out and THEN i get to go swimming at grammas. i bought a new sun hat to go with my malia mills bikini! whee!