Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 17, 2005


reminds me of voulez vous but it's not. it's the sweet little boutique that hosted my signing. we blew out of all the books in about an hour and a half! whoohoo! thanks to clay for the beautiful fresh flowers on my hand painted desk and to avis for being such a great hostess. all the girls came: lora, holly, leslie, jade, diana, and even some boys like jj and bruce.

just passed tim russert on the street of allpeople he was very friendly and sweet. tonight things heat up as the celebs are all in and the parties start to really kick it. tune in for more adventures tomorrow.

oh and ps. last night i did NOT go to storytelling but it was of my choice. instead i was beguiled by a large mastiff named winston, his owner, andrew, and a scottish plumber wearing a kilt as well as ellie, jade, and leslie to instead have a hilarious dinner with them at the ropewalk. jade and i did some late night power grocery shopping as well with our russian cab driver.

pps. heard that jj brought down the house at storyetlling last night with someone else's problem his new bound to be a hit song. hello.