Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

June 5, 2005


has been ever so lax in posting. did i mention the heat in nyc is so humid and hot that it is even slowing the internet connection down.oh my. so my pretties, here is my weekend in shoes:

friday night at august for dinner i wore for the first time in a long time my plain black calvin klein stilettos. there is something so comforting and classic about the black stiletto. it is the shortest route to feel immediate sexiness that i know. espcially if they are a little worn in, like a familiar friend. saturday i ventured to BEA and decided to startle the crowds by wearing my 3 1/2 pink python stilettos sandals. sadly the only thing that got startled was my back as i tried to lug the 35 pounds of books and catalogues around on 3 inch thick plush carpets. thank GOODNESS i brought my white havianas flip flops to change into. aaah. that was much better. BEA was fun--mary bisbee confessed her love for dansko clogs, and i confessed my latest obsession, which is also, gasp, clogs. clogs? yes who knew? i am feeling the artsy connected to the ground comfy vibe. hmmmmm. according to my book i am mellow and creative. creative yes. mellow? yes, when asleep.

saturday afternoon i admired jackies lavendar croc clogs which massage your feet in shiatsu points when you walk. and jc's vintage converse and honeys black leather tretorns which are looking very cool all worn in. sunday was a day of my CYDWOQ tortoire kitten heel sandals with the big leather flower on them and admiring margo;s sandals which were so pretty and flowery i couldnt believe they were birkenstocks! i found out they were a limited edition. VERY cute.