Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

April 16, 2004


rayya rocked he rpremiere on wed night. the room was so full of love and admiration for her. i mean she had no idea how to make a film and yet she did. a really good one. all she did was follow her instincts. now she's a filmaker mag filmaker to watch. as lora says you cant do it until you do it. or something like that. i think i totally botched the quote but you get the idea.

we even had some celebs! oooooh. we love those. shalom harlow and b-friend. dont know his name just that he was model-cute. chi chi valenti and johnny dynnel. who else? gosh lots of them but i was running around organizing everything so i didnt get to exactly tune in.

i wore my jane mayle black dress, black calvin klein 60's little pumps and a nude-pink slip. tracey cox has been helping me look good these days.