Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 22, 2005


in the dining hall, Martha Southgate, G.C. Waldrep, and Percival Everett read to another packed house and lots of love. then we headed to the barn and boogied down with the entire staff, faculty and attendees. margo and amy started cutting a rug during abba take a chance on me, thom couldn't stay away from the nirvana "mosh pit", richard and tara and i danced it up to superstition while it rained hard outside. something about this mountain makes me want to smoke cigarettes also. what's that about? then we all headed back to treman where richard, perceval and i chilled with catherine barnett and whole bunch of other fab writers in front of the cozy fire, listening to jazz and eating old potato chips. yes it is true that miss meghan stayed up wayy past her bedtime--4 am! aack.

rayray i got your message--no cell service up here on the mountain. will call u when we head down!