Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 13, 2005


aristocrats is very very funny. my favorite renditions were whoopi's and sarah silverman's (who i am a huge huge fan of, saw her live in the now defunct fez last year and fell out). i also liked bob saget because he looks so sweet and normal-guy that the delivery is just great. i have to say i would have liked to see the women get more play. and where were comics like wendy shanker, jeanene garofolo, alison castillo? i think someone should do an all-girl's night of telling the joke just to see what would come out!

went to the svsv photo shooot today, hung with lots of cool peeps inlcuding kareem who was shooting and david and a whole bunch of his talented friends at his friend bill's loft down on broome, right over one of our very favorite places temperley. svsv has a very cool piece for the ladies, hooded tunic with a kangaroo pocket made of fireproof fabric. hung around long enough to coooooool down then back out into the sweatbox where court and i stood on the corner and she explained what philly hatin' is and told me about the debate, who would win in a battle, god or jay-z? it's a trick question, court says, because jay-z is god.