Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 31, 2005


From THE DAILY TELEGRAPH this morning:

"Now we like our shoes as much as the next girl but booking an entire hotel room just for accessories? Only Tara Reid could get away with that. The notorious party girl surprised staff at London's Baglioni Hotel when she made the diva-esque request recently - despite the fact that they are used to catering for the whims of stars including Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton. "She booked herself into one of our most expensive suites at around $2,000 a night but then requested a second room too to keep all her shoes," a snoop told the Daily Telegraph. "It was absolutely bizarre. She said she'd collected all these shoes while she'd been travelling around Europe, but quite why she has to house them separately remains a mystery. The irony is that Miss Hilton was also staying but she was no trouble at all."