Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 20, 2005


arrived this afternoon (after a short time getting lost in brooklyn this AM--you know brooklyn is like a foreign land to miss meghan), michael greeted us as we drove up, it is sunny and gorgeous, a reading is going on in the barn, then amy's talk, then cocktails, then dinner, then bonfire. you know the drill. drinking, talking, poetry, fiction, more drinking, long walks and adironack chairs on sloping lawns, and more talking and drinking and readings and craft classes and receptions and talks and drinking and the dance and talking and drinking. rayray, can you attest to this schedule? pls write in.

it is SO gorgeous up here and secluded and spacious and mountainous (?why can't i spell that right?) . no cell reception just email in the apple cellar which is where i am now. margo and i are bunked in the inn on an all-boy floor, thom is out in the wilderness. yusef was in the bookstore earlier persuing all the amazing books for sale and i was too shy to say hi. why do i get a case of the shys up here?. just talked to james hoch, he's teaching a craft class on feng shui and poetry tomorrow i'm going to, and our failbetter talk is scheduled for tomorrow eve at 5:30 pm, then the dance. can't wait to see everyone and talk and drink and talk. . .

also ed hirsch just sat down next to me and is trying to find google on the computer. he is hilarious. fun to be back in poetryland for a bit. it's been awhile.